Do you know you can be making up to #2,000 to #10,000 daily from MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL, DSTV, GOTV, STARTIME, and PHCN, and also qualify for incentives of over #150,000 to #2,000,000 per month?

In this training you will also learn how to start making millions from Telecom Sector and also how to generate recharge pins and print recharge cards with your phone. Make sure you read to the end if you really want to start making additional 2k to 10k per day just with your phone.

Pay a close attention to every information you will be getting from this training because at the end you will have a free access to a system that can be paying you 2k to 10k daily, even when you are sleeping

My name is Chukwudi Martins Maris
A business coach
Personal development advocate
Business builder
Social Commerce Pro
And a business strategist.

I teach people different ways they can be making a lot of money online with their smartphone whether they have a product or not.
I am privileged to be your trainer today.

This training will contain text, voice notes, videos, and pictures.

Title: How To Be Making 2k To 10k Per Day From The Telecom Sector.


Research has shown  that one of the most consumed products are the Telecom products  which includes airtime and data, and this is because of their essentiality in terms of communication and for the fact that they have a rebuy effect because even if one decides not to buy it again the need to always buy and keep buying will always come. Same applies to Cable Subscriptions like DStv, GOtv, and Startime, even when their prices increased people kept subscribing because they don’t want to miss one program or the other. This is why a lot of persons have ventured into VTU Business because it is a business that will always be paying you money per second especially those who are recommending people to connect to their VTU portal.

At the end of this training you are not only going to learn how to be earning 2k to 10k daily as you render these services to yourself or others, you are also going to learn how you can be making up to 2k to 20k per day as others carryout this services in your absence. This is the secret that the banks are using to make over 20 billion naira per year. If you secure your own portal now you can also earn like the banks.

What is VTU Portal Business?

What exactly is VTU?
VTU is an acronym that stands for Virtual Top Up.

It is one of the most famous businesses among young individuals in Nigeria.

So how does this business work?

It involves a dealer recharging the line of the service subscriber through the dealer’s VTU account or website.

This process doesn’t require the use of a recharge card or USSD code, but with our VTU portal you can also generate recharge card pins and even print it.

How Much do our Marketers Make?

Our partners earn between ₦1,000 to ₦10,000 per day doing this VTU business. For instance, when they recharge their phones or render any of our services to others they are paid some percentage of commission for each transaction. They also get paid for recommending People to theVTU business and also from the transactions of those that joined through their link. This aspect can be paying you more than 2k to 20k daily.

Another is that you can get our data very cheap and sell it to your customers by adding your own money. For instance, you can get 500mb with as low as #170, get a commission and also sell it like #200 or even #500 to your customers, 1Gb for #300 and sell it for #400, #500 and even #1000. Same applies to all our services.

How do our Marketers Make Money?

Our Marketers make money by doing the following:

✅ Rendering our services to our customers

✅ Recommending our vtu portal business to people

✅ We also make money from the transaction of those who joined the business through our link

✅ That’s also how you will be paid when you start the business.

Statistics of the Telecom Sector

Nigeria Communication Commission stated as at June 2022 that From March 2019, teledensity is calculated based on a population estimate of 190 million, up from 140 million. Implying that subscribers have increased from 140 million to 190million, which implies that you have a lot of people who are ready to patronise you.

In 2021 Nigerians spend over 3.25 Trillion on Airtime and Data, with our vtu portal business, you can be making some percentage of this money on a daily basis.

Which Platform can be used for VTU Business in Nigeria?

The number one platform you can use to do your vtu business in Nigeria is Marisbiz VTU because you are paid both for your transactions and other people’s own. You also qualify for incentives of over #150,000 monthly to #2,000,000.

Features of Marisbiz VTU and their Functions


Listen here to understand these features and their functions 

Tips for VTU Portal Business Success

Here are the tips for VTU Portal Business Success


Here are the Membership packages and their benefits:

1️⃣Reseller (#5,000)
1. You earn to 3rd generations 20% direct, 10% indirect, 5% third level.
2. You earn commission from your recharges and those of your team members.
2️⃣Bronze Reseller (#10,000)

1. You earn to 4th generations, 22% direct, 10% indirect, 6% third level, 3% fourth level.

2. You earn commission from your recharges and those of your team members more than a Reseller.

3. You are paid additional #150,000 once your team members reach 500 people.

4. Additional #300,000 for 1000 team members.

3️⃣Silver Reseller (#20,000)
1. You earn to 5th generations, 30% direct, 10% indirect, 7% third level, 4% fourth level, 2% fifth level.

2. You earn commission from your recharges and those of your team members more than a Reseller, and Bronze member.

3. You are paid additional #200,000 once your team members reach 500 people.

4. Additional #400,000 for 1000 team members.

5. Additional #800,000 for 2000 team members.

6. Additional #1,600,000 for 4000 team members

7. Additional #2,000,000 for 5000 team members.

4️⃣Diamond Reseller (#50,000)

1. You earn to 6th generations, 40% direct, 10% indirect, 7% third level, 5% fourth level, 3% fifth level, 2% sixth level.

2. You earn commission from your recharges and those of your team members more than a Reseller, Bronze, and Silver member

3. You are paid additional #200,000 once your team members reach 500 people.

4. Additional #400,000 for 1000 team members.

5. Additional #800,000 for 2000 team members.

6. Additional #1,600,000 for 4000 team members

7. Additional #2,000,000 for 5000 team members.

Keep building your team and qualify for all the incentives in Marisbiz Affiliate and Telecom Business. The more people in your team the more money you make.

Note: All your commissions are paid instantly with our automated system, no delay or stories.

How I make 2k to 10k daily from my marisbiz vtu account

Summary of all you will get from Marisbiz VTU Account

Setup Your Own Virtual Top Up Portal In 10 Minutes And Join The Likes Of Quickteller, MyPaga, Opay, Banks To Earn From Lucrative Virtual Recharge Business.

Do you wish to make money daily online on complete autopilot?
Do you have an existing business and need to add to the hustle for more income?
Do you own a website and want to earn extra income?

Digital Recharge business is making people like you smile to the bank daily. Don’t fold your hands and watch others enjoy.


Paper Recharge Card Business is Fading Out.

If you look closely around, you’ll notice that recharge card sellers are packing UP their canopies or changing the line of business  because they no longer make sales to even take care of their bills.

Reason being that large number of the population have come to embrace the new technology of virtual recharge.

Smart companies like Quickteller, MyPaga, Banks saw huge income potential in this business and quickly slip into it earlier and they are majestically making Billions of naira by simply letting you top up your mobile phones or pay utility bills from your bank account.

Even the telecom company themselves are doing Virtual top up business using their borrow me credit system and raking cool profit of 6% – 10%.

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people with over 50% having access to internet enabled mobile phones and bank account.

Imagine if just 0.1% of the population hookup to your portal to top up their mobile credit or data. You will invariably be swimming on money.

You may be asking how on earth can I get about 0.1% of the population to notice my portal.

It’s simple! A proper optimization of your portal will attract flood of internet users who are in need of these Virtual Top up services to your portal.

When you setup your virtual top up portal with us, we will mentor you closely on all you need to excel in this business.

We have successfully coached individuals like you who are today doing really great in their business.

And we are set to do the same to you.

Setup your own Virtual Top Up Portal today and start earning big from the most lucrative business in Nigeria.

We have made it ridiculously easy for you to get your own automated VTU portal and start earning immediately!

Here’s What You Will Get;

  • A VTU account for all your topups where you get paid for recharging
  • Automated VTU Portal that dispense airtime, Generate recharge card pins, Electric Token, Tv Payment topup, Data Instant topup, Education Pins, Bulksms etc
  • You earn 20% to 40% commission when people register through you
  • You earn up to 10k to 2k daily from the services of those who are connected to your VTU account
  • You qualify for incentives of over #150,000 to #2,000,000 per month
  • Automated Payment system that will transfer payment received into your bank account
  • Automated VTU Portal That  transfer money to any bank in Nigeria instantly

and lots more…

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