The 10X  Trading Challenge

(When Trading  meets  Precision and Accuracy)

Dear Reader Pay close attention to this……………because,

What I’m going to say here is very important for your FINANCES.


But not just about making money but making it PREDICTABLY ”N” FAST.

Big Question??

”How do I do that for you”?

It’s Simple, keep reading……..

Firstly, You’re welcome to my VIP Crypto Channel.

Everything about this channel is focused on TRADING CRYPTO FUTURES & SPOT.

I’m sure that’s something that interests you, because how else did you get access to this page!

Enough said, let’s go on… 

Here’s what I’m going to do for you in the next 30 days, if you take action today and now..

A lot of people try so hard to trade but end up losing their money with wrong analysis and fake trading signals from ”Gurus” that gives you nothing but Liquidation.

And these few things causes it:

1) They give you a signal from the scrap of their best trades or even worse, they give you these signals after the trade has gone far.
2) Every trader analyzes the market with their own strategy and they take their trades based on that strategy, when they give you these signals and they don’t tell you their trading pattern, you end up losing out instead of making profit.

Here’s how I intend to HELP grow that portfolio:

(I’ll help by doing the exact OPPOSITE of what those GURUS have failed to do):



1) Whether you’re an expert or a newbie, I’ll hand you my short trading video instructions, it will teach you how to trade my entries and exit.
The videos are all about 1hr, so rest assured, if you come onboard today, you will take our next best trades that same day.

2) I analyze and share trade signals even before I take the trades and if the trade is gone, I’ll tell you not to take it in the VIP GROUP.


3) I’m not like most traders who claim to be giving you signals daily or hourly.

This is a market, and you will be more profitable if you wait for the market to give you good setups.
So, I won’t guarantee you daily signals, but I’ll guarantee you highly profitable trades.

”ONE TRADE  is  ALL  you need to CASH OUT”.


#1 We take more than 4 trades a day some days and are all profitable…

#2 We don’t go a day without a TRADE (hey no promises on this).
All of these facts depend solely on the market.


Here’s why I’m so different and profitable:

I have a very huge allergy to loss, so I’m very accurate with my trading signals, because I don’t trade if I don’t see good setup and opportunities.

Let me show some testimonials from my current members.

(I usually don’t do this, I’d rather you experience it and have your own testimony)
But anyways, here are some.

If you really want to make money fast then hop on.


I usually charge nothing below $1,000 (N600k).

Because you’ll make way more than this with my signals.




But I really want to help and impact lives.

So for a limited time and people.


I’ll charge you a N50k (Which isn’t up to even a $100)..


Here’s a guarantee.

If you come onboard and you don’t make your N50k at least back In a week with my trade after following all my trades and instructions.


I’ll give you a full refund.


No arguments!


So pay to the account and click on the big sexy button below let’s get to work.

Acct No: 3109354614
Acct name: Eze Ifeanyichukwu Onah
Bank name: First bank of Nig.

For further assistance and more information, reach out to us either on Email, Whatsapp, or Voice Call with the details below:


Phone Number: 08137764029


This is not  a ponzi scheme or money donation platform, this is a full time crypto training, masterclass, and updates that will change your life, click the button above to get started now.


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