How To Run A Facebook Ad


A lot of persons are  finding it very difficult to sell their products online because they don’t know how to make their products or services to go viral, while some are still struggling with Facebook Ads and as such waste a lot of money on Facebook. While running a Facebook Ad the first thing to consider is the Facebook rules so as not to go against the rules that will hinder your ad or even lead to the restriction or ban of your Facebook page. This means that your contents matter a lot and that will result to whether people will attend or show interest to your product/opportunity or not. Your budget and target matters a lot as well, using a low budget to target a large audience may not give you a satisfactory result. So in this training you are going to learn:

  1. How to create a Facebook Page
  2. How to create a facebook business account
  3. Facebook rules with respect to Ads
  4. How to setup your Facebook business account
  5. How to setup your Ad and payment account
  6. How to setup your pixel
  7. Custom conversions
  8. Custom audience
  9. Lookalike Audience
  10. How to run Ad to website
  11. How to run Ad to Whatsapp

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