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How It All Started

My Name Is Chukwudi Martins Maris, A Business Coach And One Of The Most Active Business Trainers In Africa.

On December 2017 I decided to stop depending on one person for food and money and made a move to a new destination with nothing. No money, no job, no business, no idea of what to do. I was living in my brothers house and every morning before going to work he will give me money to eat.

I managed like that till January 2018 and got uncomfortable with that. I decided to join my friends who hawk ice cream to start pushing ice cream, I was making money though, at least I make 3k to 4k daily then. But it was very stressful, imagine Hawking Ice cream under a scotching sun from morning to night. That’s not the type of life I want for Myself.

I believe that everyone has his passion and once you decide what you want, all you have to do is to go for it.

As I was hawking I was also looking for something else to do. The best thing in life is to always make effort to do more and better things in life, that’s what we call having a vision and purpose for your life.

I was surprised to see someone who started hawking pure water with me in 2013 when I just came out of secondary school on the same place still hawking pure water in 2022 (that’s a lack of vision and plan for one’s life) don’t get it twisted.

One day I came across a post on jiji captioned (Supermarket attendant needed; 40k per month). When I saw it, I jumped on the contact immediately and called the number attached to it, remember I was at Imo State then.

The lady said that the supermarket is at Lagos and that if I want to get the job I should come to Lagos and live close to the place.

I traveled to Lagos (to live with my uncle) the following week, and while I was going I was already calculating what I will be doing with the money I will be making there😁.

The same day I got to Lagos I called the lady and she invited me to the venue only for me to see that it’s all these networkers that sell drugs😑. I was very disappointed but their presentation made me to believe that I can make it when I join the business.

I decided to borrow money (#13,250) from two of my brothers to join the business promising them that I will pay them back the next month after making my first dollars from the business.

But at the end of the month I didn’t make a dime apart from the gain I made from the products I was hawking (which does not amount to anything but the money we use to buy #100 beans and Agege bread 🍞 in other not to starve).

Some days we even soak (drink) Garri in the morning before going out knowing fully well that we’re not gonna eat till we come back at night, that’s if we return the same day though.

Every night we would paste posters up till 12am, and share fliers as well, some days we even sleep on the road till the next day. We have slept beside a gutter, uncompleted buildings, bus stops, filling stations, churches etc.

But at the end of the month we still come out even more broke. And the worst part of it is that we go to so many events without transport money, we beg passengers after entering a bus to pay for us and sometimes we’re thrown out of the vehicle if no one agrees to pay.

Some days we enter more than 5 buses before we get to our destination because we’re been thrown out.

On June 2018 after five months of doing it I discovered that there’s no progress at all apart from the personal development I was getting from the trainers and presenters.

I decided to make a research and came across an opportunity that gives me access to be making my sales and everything online in Network Marketing.

Things got better then because I stopped hawking, posting posters and moving from one place to another without transport money.

I started making some good money in the health and wellness industry, till December 2019 when I joined a Telecom Network Marketing Business trending in Nigeria.

I built a lot of people and made millions of Naira from December 2019 to February 2021 when the company started having issues.

I then came across Affiliate Marketing training on March 2021, I paid for the training and attended, and I saw a lot of persons who are making as much as 500k weekly in Affiliate Marketing.

I was motivated by that and I decided to start Affiliate Marketing on June, and I made my first commission of $4 on June 2021 as you can see hereNo description available.

After two Weeks I made over 200k from the business, 2months later I generated $2,000 and in 6 months I made over $6,000 (You can check the attached video)

Open photo And from then I don’t lack money as I am consistently making over 10k to 25k per day from the business.

I know that I am just starting because I want to build a business that can be paying me more than 500k per day.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest business anyone can do from anywhere with his phone and be making unlimited income at the comfort of his home and his smartphone.

All you’re required to do is just to be recommending people’s products (either physical or digital products) to the prospective buyers and you will be getting paid for doing so.

Some Companies pay 20%, 30% and even up to 50% commission depending on the product you’re promoting, that means you can make 25k instantly for just promoting a product of 50k, what if you sell up to 10 in a week or month? That’s 250k just like that.

A lot of lawyers, doctors and professors who speak fluent English with big certificates are not making up to that amount in a month.

And the good thing is that you don’t need to be an expert, you don’t need to create your own products, you don’t need to be doing buying and selling, you don’t even need to stock your house with goods or handle the delivery process.

You’re only required to do one thing, and that is recommending products or services to people. This is a lazy man’s way of making at least 250k to 500k per month without hassles.

I will be teaching over 450 people in my two WhatsApp groups the same strategies I learnt that is now paying me a lot of money on a daily basis in Affiliate Marketing and how they can be making at least 250k per month even if they are hearing the word “Affiliate Marketing” for the first time.

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